Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit
Amigo Frameworks

Bug Out Frame and Fork Deposit

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The Amigo “Bug Out” is an all-terrain bike for burnouts, weirdos, freaks who see the humanity in 70's smiley faces, arthropods, aliens, cryptids, dogs and frogs but only the ones who eat bugs out of necessity to continue survival and not because they believe in some sort of animal hierarchy. People who are wild but kind and find solace in the fact that they are merely an eternal speck in the space time continuum of our ever expanding universe.

Offered in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. This versatile machine is equipped for fast-paced aggressive gravel racing or as your long distance bikepacking escape pod for you to bug out on, get the hell out of the world if/when ish! hits the fan, while you grow your hair long and fade off into the sunset.

Design Highlights:

The Bug Out is not your average gravel bike utilizing road geometry with a mountain bike bottom bracket to fit fat tires. Instead it has been designed around a custom machined yoke, paired with a 68mm T47 bottom bracket shell, allowing a road q-factor, 700x50c tires clearance, all without sacrificing the ability to run up to a 44t Single Chainring or 46/30 Double. The longer front center, slacker headtube, lower bottom bracket and ability to run a proper 125mm or larger dropper post makes for an extremely stable bike in loose off-road terrain, single track or city ripping. 

Paragon Machine Works rocking dropout inserts and a full carbon adventure fork with an adjustable offset chip allow you to further dial the bikes geometry or run it single speed. So whether or not you're gearing up for a swift jeep road gravel race and want to slam the dropouts forward to a nimble 415mm chain stay length and 49mm fork offset or you're about to set off on a self supported bikepacking trip and want to have a longer wheelbase, you can pull back that rear wheel to accommodate for those long days on the road. Ultimately though, this bike has no rules. Run it with flat bars, run it with drops, run it 1x12 or single speed, do whatever you want as long as you're having fun while you bug out! 

Tech Specs:

  • Tange Prestige Steel Tubing
  • IS42/52 Integrated Headtube
  • Carbon Adventure Fork with Triple "Anything" Cage Mounts and Internal Dynamo Wiring or Steel option available
  • 31.6mm Dropper Ready from 125mm-200mm Length (Depending on size and saddle height)
  • Adjustable rocking dropouts for a rear center change of 415-435mm
  • 50mm stem allows for an open fit giving you the option to shorten or lengthen the stem to provide optimal fit or when switching from drops to flat bars.
  • Two "Anything" Cage Mounts on the upper and lower part of the down tube and 1 standard bottle cage mount on the seat tube.
  • Designed around 700x50c Tire (Some larger tires may fit with dropouts in most rear position)
  • 142x12 Rear Spacing 100x12 Front
  • Flat Mount 160mm or Post Mount compatible

For all other inquires please feel free to send us questions via our contact form. 

Total Price for frame and fork is $2800 with $1000 deposit due for geometry design process to commence. Price reflects single color powder coat of your choice with decals. Custom finishing options are available for an additional charge. Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks from order date for delivery. Thanks for Buggin Out!